About us

Welcome to Happy Farm, a little piece of land located in Dutchess County New York, where homeless and exploited animals will enjoy a peaceful, lifelong retreat. 

They are usually the ones that shelters have a hard time placing because of illness, psychological issues, size, age etc. Happy Farm is a haven for them.

Here, their individual needs are carefully evaluated. We thoroughly study each species and consult with specialists to understand their natural needs, to provide the food, shelter and environment that suites them best.

We cut no corners in giving our residents the best possible life while always being mindful of our planet. We use no chemicals, actively recycling and using all the environmental friendly techniques available.

Humanity has discovered agriculture more than 10,000 years ago and since then farmed animals are mostly viewed through what they can produce or do for us. Nowadays animal lovers are working hard to change this misconception. Pigs are as smart and emotionally evolved as dogs, cows, chickens are known to develop friendships, fully capable of feeling and understanding love, loss, grief and joy…

a At Happy Farm we welcome the victims of an abusive system and help people to connect with them in a different way. 

Our residents will never be used for any chores or any form of exploitation. Our only hope is that under our care, we will see them blossom, reconnect with their true nature and only then we might ask them to share with us some of their wisdom.

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