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Rosy & Vera

Rescued from a barn sale in 2014 Rosy and Vera arrived at Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue in NH completely traumatized. They would not let anyone approach them. The team at SYALER did an amazing job rehabilitating them but after 5years at their shelter no one had adopted them yet. They were still very fearful, especially Rosy.

When Rima contacted the facility and asked for any animals nobody would adopt, Rosy & Vera were at the top of the list. At Happy Farm both girls now enjoy a huge pasture where they can run, stroll in the woods or roll in their sand bath. Everything was built following the “paddock paradise” philosophy that respects the natural needs of equines. They live in a herd with their donkey friends and are never locked up or restrained.


June & Elton

Both minis also came from SYALER where their obesity was very hard to manage. Trying to put donkeys who are part of a herd on diet is not an easy task! After many trials and the help of a few expert we finally got them to reach a healthier weight but it is work in progress!!

We do not know if they are related but for sure they are inseparable, always watching out for one an other!


Luke is our sweetest boy…him and the minis form an inseparable trio! Luke has Cushing’s disease (incurable disfunction of the pituitary gland) and has to take expensive medication his whole life. We keep a close eye on his diet and have him checked regularly to insure his illness is managed in the best possible way.

Luke loves to be scratched and brushed and he also loves children.

Mylos & Mara

Mylos & Mara were flown from France as puppies, their Manhattan owner wanting this impressive breed called Leonbergers. Needless to say that 130 lbs later he realized that they did not “fit in” very well and so they ended up in a kennel. After 9 months there they were finally surrendered to our farm.

Brother & sister have adjusted perfectly here. Their instinct did prompt them to chase the donkeys and chickens at first but their eagerness to please took over and they now know how to behave calmly around other residents (most of the time!).

Mara is the smart hunter, very needy for attention and love. Mylos is our goofy teddy bear, he came to us with eye issues and immediately needed surgery. He is not out of the woods yet but we hope that our daily care will improved his condition very soon.

Mama, Blacky & Cowboy

Our goats lived in a confined, concrete enclosure before they were surrendered to us. At first they did not know what to do with the 2 acres of pasture and forest given to them. They would sit all day in their shed only stepping out if we would walk around with them. After a few weeks and lots of encouragements they finally understood that not only was all this land for them to enjoy but we also depended on them to keep it free of weeds and clear to walk around.

They are now happy to work in up keeping Happy Farm’s pastures!








Happy Hens

It took us a while to find a flock that did not lay eggs anymore. As local farmers put it chickens are “throw away” animals, meaning that the day they stop laying they are “disposed of”. 

Finally we found this elderly couple, who had kept their hens in a tiny, filthy enclosure for 2 years and needed to “get rid of them”. It was the heart of winter, season where hens lay very little, 2 feet of snow covered the ground and that 1st night… in our roomy and clean coop these beautiful ladies gave us a gift of 15 eggs!

It was a joy to see them blossom in our care, they used to hide under their roost bar as soon as we approached the coop and now the moment they hear the house door open a few brownies will come running (literally!) to us. They enjoy walking around the farm yet never too far from their beloved coop!



The Rabbits

Our rabbits were rescued from a crowded NYC shelter.

Nina is very big , Kenya, Pim and Pam are very shy but we don’t care! We are happy to provide them with a beautiful indoor/outdoor hutch that has its own big garden!






We purchased this beautiful horse at a livestock auction, in the “old horse” area, completely drugged up. 

He was in a terrible condition, very underweight with acute joint pain, he also had a large wound on his tongue!

He is spending his old age with us in a peaceful way.

Ruby & Hamlet

This other beautiful couple came to us in great shape! Their owner could sadly no longer care for them. Since our mission is to welcome animals with issues we debated for a few months before we finally accepted to take them.

We do believe that animals chose us more than we chose them so if it meant to be…

Hamlet (in pink) is our boy, he is definitely dominant and wants all the attention. Poor, delicate and shy Ruby! We are trying hard to balance these two personalities!

CeeCee, Simon & Mima

This adorable trio was purchased at the same auction as Stella & Zorro. They were emaciated and their hoofs were so long they were walking on their heels!

Female donkeys go for a high price to be bred and Simon would have been sent to slaughter. We paid what we had to to keep them together and make sure that these two young girls would never be bred for someone’s profit! Simon was fixed right away but little did we know…




Rami & Clara

After 3 months of arriving at our sanctuary, Ceecee and Mima started putting on some serious weight…and we found out that they were pregnant…This caused quite a turmoil at the farm, no one had any experience with foaling, we had to build a nursery, fence it properly and get ready to welcome 2 more residents!

Rami and Clara were born 1 day appart, Jake and Rima delivered Clara. Everything went smoothly and they are now for ever safe and loved with us.

Chance & Gem

Chance & Gem were bound to the slaughterhouse when we rescued them. They were 4 months old, underweight, with severe case of parasites. They found at HappyFarm their for ever home!

Chance will become a very large bull and we are currently trying to find a much bigger pasture for him next summer.

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