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Helping animals was always Rima’s calling: at 9 years old distributing articles on animal abuse in front of the local Migros in Geneva, always stepping forward to protect pets and even insects in need! She studied molecular biology with a focus on ecology at the University of Geneva.

In her twenties Rima and her friend Emily got actively involved in dog rescue in Miami and then in NYC where she volunteers for the past 10years at Animal Care Center. Together they founded Project Pet Inc. in 2008 rescuing dogs on death row. She became certified at Animal Behavior College in 2009 and adopted and placed over the years many cats and dogs.

Her involvement with PETA took her work to an other level, she was able to help with their program for chained dogs in Virginia. Their amazing team has been a huge inspiration to her.

Always driven to raise awareness about animal abuse, she gave a series of inspirational speeches in NYC and Geneva about Veganism.

In 2017 she founded Happy Farm Animal Rescue Inc. with her friends Cynthia and Elizabeth and with the support of many others.



Jake has always had a special love for animals. When he first visited the farm he immediately saw that his strength and craftsmanship were badly needed. There is no weather, no temperature that would deter Jake from helping when needed. His huge heart and deep connection to animals complete his beautiful personality.


Olivier was dragged into the world of Animal Welfare when he met Rima in 2011. Since then he has always been involved in taking care of all her rescues.

When the project of Happy Farm suddenly arised he pushed and helped anyways he could to make it see the light of day!

He is now in charge of property maintenance, appearance and oversees fundraising.


Beth has been around domestic and farm animals her whole life, actively taking a role in rescue of cats and dogs on her own and through rescue groups for the past 10 years. 

When Beth met Rima she immediately felt a connection with the project of Happy Farm and the beautiful land it sits on. As a mother of three, she thrives to give her children a connection with animals; nurturing their compassion and awareness and brings them along from time to time to help care for the animals.
Beth comes every evening to tuck everyone in and make sure everyone is doing fine before bedtime.
She brings her unique motherly instinct and feminine touch to our animals and they are so grateful for it!



Olivia is our communication and social media manager.
In addition to her graduate studies in environment and development at the King’s College of London, she holds an executive certification in development project management from the Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies, and in animal behaviour and welfare from the University of Edinburgh. 
She is passionate about helping animals and being their voice on social media!

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